The second of three direct payments worth between $1,827 and 

$4,555 goes out today - and your birthday qualifies you

Social Security checks worth up to $4,555 are being mailed to 

millions of Americans today, depending on their birthday.

The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increased by 8.7 percent, 

Making direct payment amounts seem higher than in years past.

As a result of this increase, the average benefit has increased to 

$1,827 per month, with the maximum amount set at $4,555 per month.

It is based on your birthday when you receive Social Security retirement 

Benefits, with payments made three Wednesdays a month.

Those who started receiving Social Security Disability Insurance 

(SSDI) benefits after 1997 are also affected.

As of last Wednesday, those whose birth dates fall between the first and 

tenth of any given month had already received their benefits.

Today, those whose birthdays fall on or between November 11 and 

December 20 will receive a retirement benefit of $4,555 from Social Security.

Those with remaining birth dates between 21 and 31 of

any given month will receive their payments on January 25.

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