There is a full list of eligible household items available 

for tax credits ranging from $500 to $2,000 to Americans

By utilizing tax breaks, homeowners can get 

Money back on their home improvement projects.

It has been reported that several federal tax credits can be

Claimed until the end of 2032 according to Energy Star.

Amounts up to $10,000 can be credited and rebated

 through the Inflation Reduction Act.

The cash is available to homeowners who make energy

efficient upgrades to their homes.

A new equipment installation is required to qualify 

for the credits, and a new construction cannot qualify.

A number of types of housing are eligible for the program, 

including houses, houseboats, mobile homes, 

cooperative apartments, condominiums, and manufactured housing.

In fact, there is no income limit since you can claim an unlimited amount.

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