In February, 33 states will boost their checks for 

Social Security Supplemental Income 2023 - find out if your state is included

In just a few days, millions of SSI recipients will receive their second $914 check of 2023.

Payments will be made on February 1, more than 

a month after the last payment was made on December 30.

SSI beneficiaries usually receive their checks on the first of each month, 

but some months are different due to holidays or weekends.

The total payout this year is $914, an increase from last year, 

When recipients cashed in $841 per month.

The cost-of-living adjustment of 8.7% is responsible for this.

Supplemental payments are being sent out by 33 states in addition to the federal benefits.

A new stimulus check is being fought for by seniors

Social Security recipients who qualify for a one-time 

$1,400 stimulus check are fighting for it through 

a nonpartisan advocacy group called Senior Citizens League.

As the group stated in a letter to Congress last year, 

the cost-of-living adjustment coupled with inflation will hit older Americans hard.

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