In 20 days, the first of two double direct payments 

worth $1,828 will arrive from Social Security

At the start of next month, beneficiaries of Supplemental 

Security Income will receive the first of two $914 payments.

An individual recipient will receive a $914 payment on March 1, 

While a couple will receive a $1,371 payment. 

According to the Social Security Administration's schedule, 

Essential persons, who live with someone receiving SSI and

Provide necessary care for them, will receive $458 a month.

These double payments will be issued toward the end of 

Next month on March 31 to the same recipients as the first. 

Because April 1 is a Saturday this year, the second 

SSI payment is in April. When the first of the month falls on 

a holiday or weekend, the SSA does not issue payments.

In order to ensure recipients receive their SSI checks by 

the first of the month, the SSA issues monthly checks on the 

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