As the March 2023 Social Security Supplemental Income check 

approaches, 33 states will increase benefits by as much as $120

There has been an increase in the monthly Supplemental 

Social Security payments in more than half the states across the country.

A maximum benefit of $914 is available to individuals, 

and a maximum benefit of $1,371 is available to couples.

There is also the option to receive an additional $120 in 33 states.

It has just been announced that beneficiaries will receive one 

more check at the end of this month, in addition to the one they received in March.

Because April 1st falls on a Saturday, the 

check will be sent out one day early on March 31st.

Renters and homeowners continue to receive help

According to the Social Security Administration, 

financial assistance not listed below may affect SSI eligibility or payment amount.

Visit the administration's Emergency Assistance for 

Homeowners and Renters webpage for more 

information about the programs available.

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