By following these steps, you may be able to 

Claim Social Security at full retirement age

Do you not gamble? You should consider signing up for Social Security 

When you are eligible to receive your full monthly benefit.

Once you retire, you'll probably rely heavily on Social Security. 

Despite having a nice nest egg, you may be able to use 

Your retirement benefits to fund activities you have always wanted to do.

You have options in claiming Social Security at the right age,

Which is why it is important to claim it at the right time. 

You must be at least 62 years old to qualify for Social Security. 

Despite the fact that there is no legal maximum age for filing, 

Delaying your filing beyond 70 is not financially beneficial.

In some cases, filing for benefits early and 

Claiming them late can result in consequences. 

Ideally, you should apply for Social Security when 

You reach your full retirement age (FRA) to be on the safe side.

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