Millions could receive relief checks between $1,000 

and $2,000 under the $17.6 billion fund

Up to 2.5 million households may receive relief checks soon, 

and seniors could see lower taxes as a result of a new proposal.

As part of his two-year spending and tax plan, 

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz proposed the payments.

The government estimates a record-breaking surplus of $17.5 billion, 

which would be distributed to schools, paid worker leave, and tax breaks.

A total of $16 billion is expected to be spent on these measures.

In response to the economic pressures on families, Mr. Walz said that 

the government has the ability to relieve some of those pressures.

Whether it's reducing the cost of child care or 

putting money back into people's pockets, he said.

I want to know how much I can get

Direct payments could be missed by hundreds of thousands 

of families due to lowered income limits, but for those

Who qualify, they could be a bit more lucrative.

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