The final round of $4,000 energy rebates has been distributed from a 

$62 million pot - here's why the other 2,900 customers won't receive theirs

Energy rebates of $4,000 have been awarded to 

Homeowners who have made major improvements to their homes.

There is still a waitlist of 2,900 homeowners that have not received 

their payments after Duke Energy ended its $62 million handout scheme.

The last of the North Carolina company's solar panel

Rebates have been distributed, worth $4,000 to homeowners and $30,000 to businesses.

Customers who installed solar panels were rewarded during 

the period 2017 to 2022 according to a state-required program.

Duke Energy gave away $1.3 million of its final $1.3 million through 

a lottery scheme this month, which was supposed to end last summer.

There were around 356 customers across North Carolina 

Who received the money, most of whom were residential property owners.

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