Payments of up to $914 will be made today to SSI beneficiaries in February.

As of today, the first checks of the year will be issued.

Millions of Americans who applied for Supplemental Security Income 

(SSI) are about to receive or have already received 

their first check of the year today. In light of the current COLA of 8.7%,

those receiving this benefit may see their check increase by up to $73 per month.

In other words, instead of receiving $841 per month, 

they will now receive $941. The Social Security 

throughout their working years to fund these programs. 

Administration states that couples will receive $1,371 between them.

Regarding the payments, there is one point to clarify

Because January 1, 2023 was a federal holiday and a Sunday, 

Claimants received two December payments. 

As a result of the adjustment, the second payment, December 30, already reflected it.

Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance 

(SSDI) beneficiaries will also be affected by the COLA increase.

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