Americans are set to receive $914 as Social Security Supplemental 

Income in just weeks — find out when you'll be receiving it

In the next few weeks, millions of SSI recipients will receive $914 payments.

This year's remaining checks are due on March 1, March 31, May 1, June 1, 

June 30, August 1, September 1, September 29, November 1, and December 1.

The cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) has been set at 8.7 percent for 2023, 

Which means beneficiaries will see their checks increase.

Compared to last year, recipients are now able to 

Cash in up to $914 a month as a maximum benefit package.

The federal government also sends out supplemental payments to 33 states.

When did the SSI increase from 2022 onwards?

Cost-of-Living-Increase (COLA) has now reached 8.7 percent for 2023 

and offers some financial relief to struggling Americans.

SSI standard monthly payments have increased

By a maximum of $73 due to the increase.

As a result, individuals who usually receive $841 will now receive $914.

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