In the case of a mega millions win of $1.4 billion, 

What sports franchise would you buy with your winnings?

There is a chance that one lucky winner will 

Change his life forever with this jackpot.

The fourth largest Mega Millions jackpot is now up for grabs. 

Many wonder what the winner could buy with the prize, such as a sports franchise.

Ticket buyers will have the chance to win a grand 

Prize of $1.35 billion in MegaMillions' next draw.

Would you be able to buy a sports franchise if you won the Mega Millions?

Let's say you won the Mega Millions $1.35 billion 

dollar jackpot soon and decide to use the money towards 

buying a sports franchise. Which one would you choose?

When considering the four biggest professional 

leagues in the United States, like the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, 

two of them are completely out of reach since their 

lowest valued franchises are well over $1.35 billion each.

Only eight of MLB's 30 franchises have a value less than $1,350 million.

The NHL prize winner could purchase 28 of the 32 teams.

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