What is your adjusted gross income? Where can you find it?

Listed below are ways you can calculate your Adjusted Gross Income

U.S. citizens now have until April 18, 2023, to prepare their taxes, 

according to the department of Internal Revenue Services (IRS). 

The tax season officially began on January 23, 2023.

A majority of Americans may be eligible for some form of tax credit, 

So it is important to know what your adjusted gross income was for the past year.

Gross income adjusted for inflation is referred to as adjusted gross income.

You calculate your AGI by subtracting your adjusted gross income 

from your gross income, which is the amount you are left with.

Among other things, your gross income includes wages, 

Dividends, capital gains, business income, and retirement distributions. 

Meanwhile, income adjustments include expenses 

Such as educator expenses, student loan interest, 

alimony payments, and retirement contributions.

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