What is the AOTC eligibility criteria?

You should know what the American opportunity tax credit is

American residents often engage in fierce debates 

Over the topic of higher education. Due to the rising cost of 

College degrees in the US, there is a genuine fear 

that an undergraduate education might become 

a luxury item open only to a small number of people.

Secondly, student loans are creating a growing amount of debt. 

The combined outstanding debt of 48 million Americans is 

Estimated to be over 1.5 trillion dollars. The topic of student loan 

forgiveness has dominated news cycles more than 

once since that amount is expected to increase.

While president Joe Biden and his administration introduced 

the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan, which aimed to forfuse up to 

20,000 dollars for those earning 125,000 dollars or less, 

it was ultimately blocked and its future hangs in 

the balance as the Supreme Court debates on its approval.

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