Here are the final four states to receive direct payments 

Worth up to $1,500 under the stimulus program

In the first half of 2023, most states will send direct payments to their residents. 

Several states are still sending direct payments out this year.

For some of these states, the deadline to file for these payments 

ends this month, while for other states, the deadline ended in late 2022, 

With recipients still waiting for payment. It is possible 

that some recipients will receive up to $1,500 from 

these payments, while others will only receive $250.

The following four states are still sending payments to recipients.

The Idaho Legislature and Gov. Brad Little (R-ID) approved 

A great state Idaho

a rebate in September for people who filed income tax returns for 2020 

and 2021 and were full-year Idaho residents. 

According to the Idaho government, the amount of the rebate is 

$300 for individual filers and $600 for joint filers, 

or 10% of a taxpayer's income taxes for 2020.

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