The direct payments worth between $1,827 and $4,555 will be 

sent out within days - the exact date you'll receive cash 

and the requirements you'll need are listed below

Social Security payments for January are set to reach bank accounts

next week, with recipients receiving as much as $4,555.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), 

and Social Security are all programs offered by the Social Security Administration.

There are different eligibility requirements for each program, 

and recipients receive their payments on different days of the month.

Beneficiaries receive Social Security payments based on their birthdays.

The 11th should've been the day when those born between 

the first and the 10th of the month received their payment, 

while those born between the 11th 

and the 20th received their check on the 18th.

On Wednesday, January 25, those with a birthdate after the 21st of 

the month will receive their last round of Social Security checks.

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