The following states will be sending February 

Payments up to $1,050 via direct payments.

The payments will range from $400 to $1,500.

There will be some Americans who receive assistance in

the month of February, but not all states and not all individuals will be eligible for this assistance.

These are the states that will provide financial assistance to their citizens.

There will be a grant of $600 from the state of Idaho. 

Itasca State

As of September 2022, the reimbursement had been approved. For people 

Who were unable to fill out the forms, the cash may not reach them until March. 

There will be a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $600 in aid.

It will assist citizens with a minimum of two thousand and 

The Golden State

a maximum of one thousand fifty dollars in the state of 

California under the Middle Class Tax Refund program. 

From January 30 to February 14, people who have

Changed their bank or residence will start receiving their money.

A Massachusetts-based company

Chelsea was the first city in Massachusetts to implement the 

Reimbursement program. Approximately $400 to $700 will be awarded to residents.

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