In just a few days, millions of Americans will receive their 

first reoccurring payment worth $914 after missing payments this year

Direct payments worth up to $914 will be sent to 

Millions of struggling Americans this week.

The Supplemental Security Income benefit will arrive in 

Accounts on February 1 for claimants with just a few days to wait.

Due to the fact that January 1 was a federal holiday and 

the date fell on a weekend, the payment was deposited on December 30 instead.

2023 will mark the first payment of SSI benefits.

The SSI program is designed to help adults and 

Children with disabilities and low incomes. 

Around eight million Americans file for SSI.

In the United States, the Social Security Administration provides $914 

a month to individuals and $1,371 a month to couples who qualify.

A $73 increase has been made to the individual standard payment from $841 this year.

As of October 2022, the monthly SSI benefit 

increased in accordance with the cost-of-living adjustment.

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