Here is a list of states offering Americans up to 

$1.9 billion in tax savings this year - find out if yours is on the list

This year, Americans in several states can expect to pay less in taxes.

State governments are providing residents with cash, 

including tax rebates, as they deal with record inflation rates and a cost of living crisis.

According to a nonpartisan organization, most of the 

11 states that lowered taxes this year are governed by Republicans.

As a result of historically high revenues and the desire for 

states to remain competitive in a much more mobile environment, 

we are seeing the culmination of two years of substantial 

tax cuts across the country," according to Jared Walczak,

Vice president of state projects at the Tax Foundation.

It should be noted, however, that some of those red 

States gave more targeted relief to higher income earners.

U.S. Sun compiled a list of each state's tax cuts and 

what to expect as tax season approaches.

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