There are only a few days left for Americans to 

apply for the $213 tax credit. Find out when and if you qualify

In the next few days, property owners have only 

a few days left to take advantage of a credit of 

$213 that can help offset their property tax bills.

Lottery and gaming revenue generated by the state's 

lottery is used to provide a Lottery and Gaming credit each year.

Track betting and bingo games contribute to lottery revenue.

Wisconsin residents can claim nearly $320million in tax credits for the year 2022.

Each year, residents must apply for the credit, which varies in amount.

According to the state's Department of Revenue (DOR), 

A credit of $230 was available in 2021, and a credit of $160 was available in 2020.

Peter Barca, secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, 

said this year's high average Lottery Credit resulted 

from another very healthy year for the Wisconsin Lottery.

He added that strong sales pushed 

the average credit above $200 once again.

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