The monthly money will be sent out in 25 installments 

Between $375 and $1,204 this February - find out who qualifies

Dozens of programs that offer guaranteed basic income 

Will be able to provide relief to thousands of Americans this month.

GBI programs have been created by dozens of cities, 

Counties, states, and nonprofits to help certain groups survive.

GBI is similar to universal basic income (UBI) which would 

Provide all residents of a community with 

a steady income regardless of their circumstances.

In contrast to Universal Basic Income, which is for everyone 

and is not time-limited, these programs tend to be time-limited

And targeted at specific populations.

It is also important not to confuse GBI with one-time 

or once-a-year tax rebates and other temporary relief payments.

The following programs are sending relief this month.

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