$1,250 under a new $1billion package - find out if you qualify

An American state is planning to sign a huge package into 

law that will grant American citizens up to $1,250 in cash.

Approximately $1 billion in tax relief has been passed by the Montana legislature.

There is also a tax cut and multiple rebates included.

The package has not yet become law, but 

Governor Greg Gianforte indicated he would approve it.

With a historic tax relief package now on the table, 

Montanans will receive the largest tax cut in history during

the first half of this legislative session, Gianforte noted.

As the governor of Montana, I am excited to sign these 

bills to return taxpayer money to hardworking Montanans.


In terms of rebates, $280million will be allocated for property taxes.

Upon purchase of a primary residence in Montana, 

Montana homeowners will receive a $500 rebate in both 2023 and 2024.

In each of those two years, Gianforte originally proposed a $1,000 rebate.

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