There are hundreds of Americans who will receive a 

$250 tax credit after major approval - see if you're eligible

A new $250 tax credit is available to hundreds of Americans, 

but you must meet a few requirements to qualify.

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, is eligible for the tax credit approved on Wednesday.

A $250 credit off of the county real estate tax will be given to volunteer 

emergency first responders approved by county commissioners.

As Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries explained, 

the credit was awarded to thank volunteers

who contribute their time to protecting the community.

"The hundreds of volunteers in Dauphin County protect us every day, 

and we need to do what we can to keep that volunteer force strong," Commissioner Mike Pries said.

Dauphin County received 312,000 emergency dispatches last year, 

including 50,000 EMS calls and 12,000 fire calls.

Volunteer firefighters and ambulance services contributed 20 percent to emergency dispatches.

In all, the county has around 40 volunteer fire departments.

Tim Neiter, chief of the Halifax Fire Department, told ABC 27 

that simply acknowledging volunteers' commitment to service is huge.

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