Up to $121 in energy credits may be available to 

Millions of Americans - find out which utilities are offering the credits

There could be a BI-ANNUAL energy credit for millions of Californians early this year.

Utility companies in California must apply the 

Climate Credit to customers' bills earlier than usual, 

According to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Companies with a large carbon footprint must purchase carbon 

Pollution permits from the state's Air Resources Board through auctions.

During the process, a portion of the proceeds is transformed

into credits that are applied to the energy bills of customers.

Two distributions of the Climate Credit are usually made each year, in April and October.

In spite of this, the CPUC ordered the companies to 

Pay the credits as soon as possible due to the high price of fuel.

CPCU president, Alice Reynolds, noted that natural gas 

prices have risen alarmingly this winter throughout the West.

While we examine this critical issue and explore long-term

Solutions to volatile natural gas prices, the California Climate Credit 

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