There is a $600 stimulus check available to 

Americans, but you need to take action now

There is still AID available from the pandemic 

But thousands of Americans must take action to receive a $600 check. 

Under the federal Farm and Food Workers Relief program, 

the Department of Agriculture (USDA) 

provides $665million in relief to certain workers.

There is a one-time stimulus check of $600 available to 

each farmer and frontline worker who qualifies.

Workers in the meatpacking and grocery 

industries are included in this category. 

The federal government invited nonprofit organizations, 

State agencies, and tribal entities to apply for 

Grants between $5million and $50million until February 8, 2022. 

Among those helping farmers is a nonprofit organization in 

Arizona called Comite de Bienestar, which helps Mexican

Americans and immigrants overcome financial difficulties.

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