American citizens will receive one-time relief checks between $750 

and $1,500 on the final day - find out who qualifies

Those who received cash back refunds of $750 

Or $1,500 received their final one-time checks.

In Colorado, taxpayers who filed their state tax returns by 

October 17, 2022 are eligible for the last round of direct payments.

A new law signed by Colorado Governor Jared Polis in May 2022 allows 

taxpayers to receive their rebates sooner instead of waiting until Spring 2023.

Those who filed as individuals get a one-time check of $750 

and those who filed as households get a check of $1,500. 

By October 17, 2022, you must have filed your Colorado state tax return to be eligible.

the final refunds were issued on January 31, 2023.

Taxpayers who filed by the October extension 

Deadline last year are receiving their checks today.

It should have been possible for taxpayers to receive their refunds by 

September 20, 2022, if they filed their tax returns by June 30, 2022.

As all checks were mailed, eligible residents are urged to ensure 

they have their current address on file with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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