There are just a few more days until two one-time checks 

between $450 and $1,500 go out to millions - find out if you're due money

A one-time check worth $450 to $1,500 is waiting for millions 

of American consumers in two states just a few days from now.

Payments are provided by the Colorado 

Cash Back Program and a Maine winter energy relief rebate.

In the U.S. Sun, you can find out what you need to do for them both, 

as well as when you can expect to receive your checks.

1. The state of Colorado ($1,500)

For those who filed their state returns by October 17, 2022, 

Colorado will send out Cash Back rebates by January 31.

By the middle of next week, all rebates should have been issued.

Originally signed by Governor Jared Polis in May 2022, 

the law provides $400 to individuals and $800 to couples.

However, a few months later, more state revenue had been collected. 

Individual payments increased to $750 and couples to $1,500.

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