There are only three days left until the new round of 

$450 winter relief checks are mailed out - find out if you qualify

The new round of winter relief checks is in the mail today, 

and if you qualify, you could soon be earning $450.

Residents of Maine should keep checking their 

Mailboxes because the first round of 200,000 checks arrived this week.

In order to ensure all eligible taxpayers earn their $450 winter energy relief, 

Governor Mills plans to mail around 200,000 checks every week.

The Emergency Energy Relief Plan is intended to assist residents battling 

Sky-high energy costs this winter, and these payments come from Mills.

There are approximately 880,000 Maine residents eligible for the payments.

Mills added that this winter's high energy 

Prices have made staying warm more difficult for Maine families.

As Mills continued, "I thank the Legislature for 

Approving this emergency measure and look forward to 

aligning policies with lawmakers to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency."

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