There is now a yearly cash payment program available for Americans 

The exact date you need to apply is November 15th.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of Americans who are eligible for $1,200 in cash. 

2021 marked the first year that the Working Families Tax Credit 

(WFTC) was passed by the Washington State Legislature. 

Direct payments of up to $1,200 will be made to eligible individuals 

and households each year as a result of the credit. 

There is no doubt that the cash infusion will benefit Seattle, one of the major cities in the state. 

In a press release, city Mayor Bruce Harrell said the 

City is working with working families to achieve its vision for 

A vibrant One Seattle through improving affordability 

and tackling rising costs of essential goods and services.


In order to qualify for the WFTC, which can be worth $50 

or $1,200, certain criteria must be met.

As a result, both your income and children are taken into account 

When determining whether or not you qualify to receive assistance.

A resident must earn at least $1 in 2022 in order to qualify. 

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