You can track your tax refund when it arrives

into your account by following these steps

If you file your tax return for 2022, you can 

Monitor the status of your refund easily.

Due to the IRS's determination of which state refunds are taxable, 

most Americans can file their taxes early and 

Receive their refunds as soon as possible. 

In addition, once you have completed your taxes, 

you won't have to wait around in the dark to get a check.

Taxpayers who qualify for a refund should 

Receive it within three weeks of filing, according to the IRS. 

Direct deposit to your bank account will get you your refund faster,

Since paper checks can take up to eight weeks to arrive.

No matter which format you choose, you will be 

able to track your return's status and estimate 

the time it will take for a refund to arrive.

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