There is still time for Americans to claim relief 

Rebates between $350 and $700 - find out if you qualify

Beginning Monday, North Dakota taxpayers can 

sign up for an annual rebate worth hundreds of dollars.

North Dakota residents can begin filing their tax returns for 2022 on January 23.

Tax returns begin to be processed on the same day that the 

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) begins processing them.

An income tax credit for North Dakota residents was

created by the North Dakota Legislature during its 2021 November Special Session. 

In 2021 and 2022, the rebates will only be available for the tax year 2021.

As of the end of this tax year, it will expire.

Eligibility: Who is eligible?

Residents of the state who file a tax return for the full tax year are eligible for a tax rebate.

There is a $350 credit for filers who are single, head of household, 

Qualifying widow(er), or married filing separately.

In the case of married couples filing jointly, the credit is $700 

for each person who is a full-year resident of the country.

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