Americans may still be eligible for rebate from $600,000 pot 

as deadline extends - find out if you qualify

A deadline has been extended for Americans to claim tax rebates 

But only $600,000 of funding is still available.

Residents who paid property taxes in 

Bradley Village, Illinois, are entitled to a rebate. 

It has been estimated that between $1.5 million and 

$1.6 million worth of cash has already been returned to taxpayers,

according to local news outlet the Daily Journal. 

There may also be an additional $600,000 left for residents to

Claim - which is why the claim deadline has been extended. 

As a result, Mayor Watson took the decision to push it back until 

At least the end of next month with the approval of the Village trustees. 

According to Romo, the village will be able to

Accept as many as 4,000 applications each year. 

As a result of the 8.25 percent sales tax rate increase 

Approved by voters, the payments have been made available.

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