There are millions of Americans who qualify for one-time 

Payments between $800 and $3,600. Find out if you're one of them

A large number of Americans are still entitled to cash worth 

up to $3,600 - but they may have to take action to get their hands on it. 

There have been tax rebates and direct payment programs 

Offered by various states to help residents suffering from high 

inflation and those affected by the pandemic financially in the past year. 

Also, payments are still available through the government 

But they do not recur as they do in programs that guarantee income.

Check out these cash programs to see if you qualify. 

1. The Colorado program offers up to $1,044

The Colorado Property Tax, Rent, and Heat Credit Rebate 

(PTC) has just opened for applications this year.

For individuals, it could be worth up to $1,044 - but in 2023, it will only be worth $1,000. 

A Colorado resident must have lived there from 

January 1 through December 31 in 2022 to qualify.

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