In South Carolina, there are just eight days left to 

Eight days remain until the deadline for South Carolina 

Residents to file their 2021 taxes and receive a rebate of up to $800.

Tax rebates will be issued to recipients in March. The state's 

Department of Revenue says it is available to 

all South Carolina residents who file their taxes by Feb. 15.

South Carolina residents' rebate amount will be determined by their tax liability, 

which is the amount of state income tax they owe for the 2021 tax year. 

A resident's rebate may be less than their tax liability if they have 

an outstanding individual income tax bill with the department, 

Which will be deducted from the rebate amount.

A resident's rebate amount will be equal to their tax liability if 

their tax liability is less than $800. The recipient will 

Receive exactly $800 if his or her tax liability is greater than $800.

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