It is now possible for Americans to request direct payments 

between $250 and $975 - when the money will be sent

To receive direct payments of up to $975, 

hundreds of thousands of Americans must act now.

Residents of Pennsylvania with disabilities and older adults are

eligible for a rebate on their property taxes and rent in 2023. 

The application period opened this week.

In an effort to support those less likely to be able to afford their homes, 

the rebate program has historically provided over $7.6 billion to eligible residents.

Governor Tom Wolf said that by boosting the amount recipients 

receive this year, we help older Pennsylvanians and 

Pennsylvanians with disabilities cope with inflation and higher prices.

What you need to do to apply

Applicants can submit their forms by visiting the state website,

where more than 450,000 Pennsylvanians qualify.

People 65 years of age or older, widowers over 50, 

Or disabled adults who meet income guidelines qualify for the payment.

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