One-time lump sum of $3,284 has been mailed out to Americans today 

a simple application is all that is needed

In the mail today, Americans will receive an annual check worth $3,284.

Alaskan officials have been sending out the state's 

Permanent Fund Dividend for 2022 since the fall.

A batch of checks will be sent to Alaskans today, 

despite most of the payments being issued in September and October.

For Americans to be eligible for the PFD, they had to submit an application.

People whose applications had "Eligible-Not Paid" status on January 11 are getting their payments.

The dividend checks will also be mailed out on February 16 

and March 16 to Alaskans who have not yet received them.

Alaskan officials have paid out one of the largest dividends in the program's 40-year history.

A dividend is paid every year from the Permanent Fund from the state's oil wealth.

A difficult time is being experienced by many people today, 

especially this year, according to Governor Mike Dunleavy.

There are a lot of things that will be paid for with that money.

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