Relief checks worth $450 are going out to 200,000 Americans 

this week - click here to find out if you qualify

The next round of $450 checks is scheduled to 

go out to thousands of Americans this week.

A $450 payment was sent to 5,00 eligible residents on January 30 by the state of Maine.

According to Governor Janet Mills' office, 

They should have reached mailboxes by the end of last week.

There will be approximately 200,000 checks sent out 

this week by the Maine Revenue Services (MRS).

In January, the Governor enacted the Emergency Energy 

Relief Plan, which includes the $450 payments.

Is there an eligibility requirement?

There are a few requirements to meet in order to be eligible.

If you filed a 2021 tax return as a full-time resident without 

Claiming a dependent, you are eligible to claim this deduction.

Those who wanted to qualify and file by October 31, 2022, had to do so by that date.

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